Bid stress, muscle stiffness, lack of mobility, back and neck pain bye

An effective way of eliminating pains and muscle stiffness in just 10 minutes daily

Our daily activities such as strenuous activity, heavy lifting, trauma, and injury can lead to back and neck pain. Our spine provides stability, rigidity, and flexibility without it we cannot complete our daily tasks and activities. The spine provides the mechanical connection our body needs. Ways of solving spine pains include using pain medicines or heat and stretching exercises.


Mr. Friday Ayanfe

I have had an issue for a couple of months now with a pulled muscle in my thigh, figured I should try a massage product to see if I could get some relief. Then I came across this shiatsu back and neck massage and so gave it a try. Very pleased with it, helped relieve most of the pain and the heat at times feels good. I have a friend that goes for massages and gave one of these to them for additional assistance and they have also found it helpful.

I had a long drive, one for 15 hours one for 13 hours and used a 12v adapter to use it in the car, and it was so nice to have it. Not only because it felt good but also for the distraction provided when I used it.

Thanks for the product and the relief it has provided.

Do you suffer from physical problems like back and neck pain or muscle stiffness? If the answer is yes, there is good news for you: with our Neck & Back Massager, you can eliminate this problem in just 10 minutes daily from the comfort of your home, office or inside your car. The deep tissue back massager will give you a great feeling of expert hands who delivers shiatsu massage. The device combines both soothing heat and vibration massage to relieve stress or prevent it.

People suffering from arthritis complain of neck and back pain. This device alleviates all forms of pain by stimulating the muscles in your neck and back. It eliminates muscle tension by massaging your tissue deeply. You will never experience pain with this device

Sit Back And Relax,Anytime Anywhere




Pain sucks, doesn’t it? Chronic Back And Neck discomfort sucks even more.

Relieve back pain with its’ 3 back massage options: upper, lower, and full back.

Relax your muscle by using any of its three levels of intensity. It can be used at home, office, and car.

Benefits of The Back and Neck Massager

Improved relaxation: finding it hard to relax after long working hours is one of our daily challenges. It relaxes your muscle and gives you a great feeling.

Headache treatment: headaches generally is associated with muscle tension. The device will eliminate muscle tension, hence helping eradicate headaches.

Pain treatment: It is highly effective and efficient in curing chronic body pain.

Improve sleep quality: Enjoy quality sleep after using the device to calm your nerves. 

Eliminate chronic back pain:  As muscles that have become overly tight for any number of reasons begin to relax, lower back pain tends to decrease

Decreased fatigue: General body weakness is caused by physical stress. It gets rid of tiredness in a few seconds.

Eradicate anxiety: Its vibration massage is highly beneficial in controlling anxiety.


Mr. Ibrahim Adetunji

Bought this for my wife as a gift. Her back was hurting so I gifted him early. She loves to sit and relax with this seat cushion. The heat and vibration help him relax his back muscles. I also tried it out and loved how this felt. There are levels of heat and vibration modes as well as sections that you want the massage to focus on. Very pleased with it, helped relieve most of the pain, and the heat at times feels good. I have a friend that goes for massages and gave one of these to them for additional assistance and they have also found it helpful.

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