Back pain sucks! Chronic back pain hurts more!! No more painkillers!!!

This nah your final chance of saying bye to dat kind pain wey dey worry you since.

People such as bankers, programmers, designers, accounters, and office workers who walk often at their desks, people who stand often (salespeople, marketers, engineers, insurance agents, and many more), and people with arthritis wey dey suffer back pain the most. People who work out often are also prone to chronic back and neck pain, sore muscles, stress, and headache. Using this device for 10 minutes daily will eliminate such pain and keep you fit.

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Akinlabi Lekan

As soon as I received this product, I plugged it right at my neck and turned it on. Holy God this thing worked almost instant. Have always had neck pains/back pains/headaches in my lower spine due to my daily activities, and degenerative arthritis. As soon as I turned it on, not even a min later my neck relaxed and was almost completely subdued.

When I put it in the middle of my back between the shoulder blades, I could feel my shoulders relaxing. And for the lower back, my legs tingled. And my back popped a few times and I was in heaven.I’m not saying this is a cure or that it will work like this for everyone with similar back issues like me, but boy did it feel amazing to be able to lie down without something pinching or hurting.

Are you having chronic back and neck pain? Do you struggle with pain daily? It is time to throw away those painkiller pills you have been taking. Your pains are over as we introduce to you, our amazing product is the perfect solution for the struggles you go through right now. The device combines both thermal therapy and vibrating massage to relax your muscles and nerves and eliminate the pains you have been battling for a long time.

Sit Back And Relax,Anytime Anywhere


Lumber Massager

This is an ergonomically designed device that combines heat, massage, and gentle pressure to provide relief from lower back pain.

Your body weight works with the cycling air traction system to stretch tight muscles, while heated massage promotes healthy blood flow.

The unit can inflate manually to help achieve the desired stretch or rotate through two automatic settings.

Temperature levels adjust to low, medium and high, and the device shuts off automatically after 15 minutes.

It can be used directly in contact with the skin and has an EMS function (two yellow metal parts). The intensity of the heating temperature will automatically switch between with and without clothes.

Watch the video demonstration below

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Adedayo Atinuke

I ordered this because I have had massagers in the past and they have been helpful but this one is likely the best I have bought so far. The product to me is the best feature because you don’t see that a lot with massagers and the elevate to me is also helpful. The price is very reasonable and cheaper than most devices. This is an alternative to visiting the experts more than once a month. My husband and I are both using this for lower back pain and we are happy with the results so far.


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Watch the video demonstration below

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We are committed to helping you live a happier and better lifestyle. 

We have rigorously scrutinized our products to deliver great value, durability, and efficiency for you. In the case of damage due to our negligence (which is rare), or anyway, we are really happy to refund every kobo you pay to procure this item. 

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